Nothing speaks higher of our success than that of our patient testimonials.  When our chiropractors provide pain relief and a positive wellness program that benefits our patients, the best testament to our success comes from them.

Below you can hear our chiropractic patients in their own words, talking about their symptions before and after utilizing our chiropractic techniques and the experiences that they have had in our Fayetteville, Arkansas chiropractic clinic.  If you would like to share how Integrated Health & Wellness Center has improved your quality of life, please click “add testimonial” at the bottom of the page and submit to us.

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“On June 20th, 2008, my body stopped! I began having “spells” where my body would freeze and I was unable to move. Over a period of 2 years, I saw many doctors who said I needed Christian counseling. Neurologists said I had small white spots on the brain, but not enough to say I had a stroke. However, they could not rule it out. After speaking to some friends about Dr. Lucas, and since we had been all the way to the Mayo clinic without positive results, what did we have to lose? I had no life. I locked myself in my home because I didn’t know when a “spell” would hit.
Since starting with Dr. Lucas, it has been amazing the life I have back. He determines where my blockage was occurring, and since the onset, my “spells” have happened less and less. I sing The Chiropractic Store’s praises wherever I go! I’m back to driving, can hold a job, enjoy outdoor activities, directing Arkapella Show choires, and many other exciting things happening in my life!

– Suzanne Graham


About 25 years ago my hands started shaking slightly and they had become progressively worse since that time. I was concerned that I might not be able to continue with my hobbies of sewing, needlework, photography, and computer work if my hands continued to shake. My husband had been treated by Dr. Lucas and was pleased with the results so I decided to attend one of the seminars at The Chiropractic Store. I was a little skeptical about chiropractic treatment and its effect on my shaking hands, but I was desperate for a solution so I started treatment. After several weeks I noticed that my hands did not shake all of the time. As my treatment continued my hands shook less and less. My friends mention to me that they notice that my hands no longer shake like the did at one time. I only go for treatment twice a month and I am in and out of Dr. Lucas’s office in usually 10 or 15 minutes. If I am having other problems such as a sinus headache or IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), I mention it to him and he also works on that. I am very pleased with the results. I can now sew, take photos, and engage in other activities that would not be possible if I did not have treatments at The Chiropractic Store.”

– Sherry Setser
Fayetteville, AR

“I first went to Dr. Katinka because my neck was hurting and had been for about 3 weeks. I love working with Katinka because she addresses the physical and emotional health. Often the physical is a direct relationship with the emotional stress I have. Dr. Katinka also discovered a slight curve in my 10 year old daughter’s back that is easily treatable if caught early. I’m so glad she is thorough and cares about our overall health. I would heartily recommend The Chiropractic Store for any physical issues you have, not just back and neck.”


– Angela Belford
Fayetteville, AR

“I was fortunate enough to find Dr.Katinka a number of years ago through my oldest daughter. I didn’t go for a while because I was afraid of the pain of a chrioptactic adjustment. But I realized that nothing else had helped up until then, so I gave Katinka a try. Well, to my suprise there was no pain involved with her treatments and over a period of time, I have had tremendous results. I have been able to regain my life and become involved with life once again. I am still continuing my treatments and find that this has been the only true relief and help for my fibromyalgia that I have found. This is a real, lasting and ongoing treatment that delivers real results and help. I am very greatful in many ways for the help and expertiese Dr. Katinka has provided for me. I would recommend her treatments to anyone with fibromyalgia or in any kind of pain. IT WORKS!”


– Geleta Mayberry
Fayetteville, AR

“I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis about 9 yrs. ago. Every Dr. told me that I would have to be on medication for the rest of my life, possibly have part of my colon removed etc. I started seeing Dr. Katinka 5 yrs. ago and haven’t had any problems w/colitis since then. I am not on any medications and haven’t been for 5 yrs. now. Not only has Dr. Katinka helped me, she has also helped my husband and son w/ other problems they had.”


– Dori Reddecliff
Fayetteville, AR

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