Neurologic Relief Centers Technique™ (NRCT)

Physical and emotional traumas can cause tension that will build up at the base of your skull which will pull on the meninges that are attached to the nerve roots that exit your spine.

The Neurologic Relief Center Technique (NRCT) will release the tension on the meniges, which will then release the irritation to the nerves, alleviating the pain and discomfort.  NRCT is usally painless and is non-invasive.  Chiropractors perform a test to see how the patient will respond to pain, which helps determine if the patient is a candidate for the treatment.

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Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique – B.E.S.T.

Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique is used to help re-establish the full healing potential of the body.  This chiropractictechnique is non-forceful, and one of the only chiropractic techniques that identifies and treats emotional stress and past emotional trauma.  Past or present emotional stress may interfere with your body’s ability to maintain and heal itself properly.

Torque Release Technique 

Torque Release Technique(TRT) normalizes the tone of the nervous system, which is why it is called a “tonal” technique.  Envision that your nervous system has a speed control button- if you turn the speed up to high this will cause distortion.  This distortion could, in turn, cause internal organ complaints, musculoskeletal stresses, diminished immune response and emotional/behavioral problems.  On the other hand, if the speed control is set too low, the nervous system will not be able to send enough messages to the body to get the job done which will cause your body to become lethargic.  The muscles can become weak and unable to support your skeleton, leading to aches and pains in the body. TRT will help to correct the problems as stated above by normalizing the functioning of the nerves, spinal cord and brain.  TRT is based upon correcting nerve system disturbance called subluxations.  The effects you feel from the TRT are dependent upon your body’s own healing capability.  Being mentally and physically ready to begin the healing process will help your recovery process.

Bio Cranial

Bio Cranial is an extremely precise and focused protocol that chiropractors are rigorously and specifically trained in.  Although it does not take long to perform (just a few minutes), has powerful results. The Bio Cranial System is a whole-body system of healthcare.  The procedure (called a correction) affects the entire spine and nervous system.  Since the nervous system is the major controller of all functions of the body – all functions are improved.  Oftentimes, there is a dramatic change right from the first visit. Symptoms that may respond well to biocranial:

:: Acne
:: Acne Rosacea
:: Angina
:: Asthma
:: Autism
:: Back Pain
:: Bell’s Palsy
:: Cerebral Palsy
:: Colitis
:: Children’s Disorders (ADHD, etc.)
:: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
:: Crohn’s Disease
:: Cystitis
:: Dysmenorrhea
:: Diverticulitis

:: Eczema
:: Endometriosis
:: Emphysema
:: Fibromyalgia
:: Gastric Ulcer
:: Goiter
:: Hay Fever
:: Headaches (including Migraine)
:: Hiatal Hernia
:: Injuries (various)
:: Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
:: Meniere’s Syndrome
(Balance disorders)
:: Menstrual disorders
:: Neck Pain

:: Neuralgias
:: Palpitations
:: Parkinsonism
:: Petit Mal (Epilepsy)
:: Phobias
:: Prolapses
:: Prostate Conditions
:: Psoriasis
:: Sleeping Disturbances
:: Sciaticas
:: Sports Injuries
:: Tinnitus (ear noises)
:: Varicosity
:: Varicose Ulcers
:: Vertigo

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